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Silverpeak Farms: A Grower's Utopia (Website Content)

This website content was written for Silverpeak Farms, a pioneering Colorado dispensary. The original page can be found here: Silverpeak Farms: A Grower's Utopia

A grower’s utopia.

From seed to sensation, bringing you finely crafted cannabis is truly the pride and joy of our cultivation team. Silverpeak’s High Valley Farm is a grower’s utopia where we produce only premium cannabis products that are good for you and good for the earth.

The ideal location.

As with a great beer or fine wine, finely crafted cannabis is produced using natural sunlight, fresh water, and clean mountain air. We have gone to great effort and expense to find the perfect location where the climate is ideally suited to growing the finest cannabis in the country. With as many as 300 days a year of high altitude sunshine, pure mountain water sourced from the nearby Continental Divide, and superb air quality, the climate is perfect for growing healthy plants. A water filtration system and CO2 infusion allow our plants to reach their full potential. The healthiest plants produce the richest and most flavorful flower.

Our state-of-the-art grow facility.

Our 25,000 square foot grow facility was carefully designed to provide our plants with natural sunlight, plenty of space, and plenty of fresh air. Utilizing high-tech, fully automated environmental monitoring and control systems, our facility allows us to operate with a level of quality and consistency rarely found in our industry. All of our grow rooms are separated by airlocks to avoid any cross-contamination.

Our ventilation systems filter out even the tiniest of airborne contaminants from the fresh mountain air introduced daily. We wash down our trim rooms daily and completely sterilize them diligently to assure that no impurities find their way into our products.

Premium genetics.

Our commitment to producing the finest cannabis begins with selecting prime genetics. Throughout the growing process, we are constantly evaluating thousands of up and coming plants and selecting the ones that produce the most desirable attributes. Then we run the candidates through a series of small-batch trials to assure the genetics are capable of propagating future generations of plants that meet our standards for potency, terpene profile, health, vigor, taste, and effect.


Growing robust, hearty cannabis is anything but a “set-and-forget” process. Plants are like young children: they’re sensitive, and they require meticulous attention and care. The expert grow staff at Silverpeak’s High Valley Farm are conscientious about tracking plant health, making deliberate micro-adjustments to environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, lighting, plant nutrition, etc. By combining fundamental horticultural practices with state-of-the-art tools and the nurturing touch of our growers, we keep our plants in rhythm, healthy, happy, and producing rich, flavorful buds.

Hand-harvested, trimmed, and cured.

We harvest weekly so we always have fresh flower. When harvested, our flowers are meticulously hand-trimmed, then artfully slow-cured in a climate-controlled curing room. The result of this process is perfect, hand-trimmed bud with just the right amount of moisture content, high potency, and a full-spectrum terpene profile.

Ecological sustainability.

At Silverpeak, we believe that growing premium cannabis and using ecologically sound farming practices go hand in hand. Our team is committed to providing customers with the healthiest product possible while being good stewards of the precious natural resources upon which we all depend. We designed our cutting-edge grow facility so that we aren’t solely dependent on energy-intensive artificial light. We take advantage of Aspen’s abundant natural sunshine for healthier plants and a healthier environment. And we compost all root balls and green waste, sending them back to nature to be recycled and reused for a cleaner, greener world.

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