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How to get your cannabis license in Oklahoma

This article was written for and appeared on the blog of Cue Cannabis.

Medical cannabis became legal in Oklahoma in April 2015, with the passage of House Bill 2154. However, this original CBD-only law provided limited access to the medication which was only available to patients with severe seizure disorders. 

Then in June of 2018, Oklahomans voted in favor of State Question 788, officially making Oklahoma the 30th U.S. state to legalize marijuana for medicinal use. 

The Unity Bill, as the measure was dubbed, received bipartisan support in the state House and Senate. The Washington Post called the measure “one of the most progressive medical marijuana bills in the country.” 

Unlike most states with medical marijuana programs, Oklahoma’s medical marijuana law allows doctors to recommend the drug for any medical condition. 

The law provides for a state-regulated system for commercial cultivation, processing, and retail of medical marijuana to be governed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. 

The DOH established the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority to be the state’s regulatory body and licensing authority. OMMA oversees all licensing related to medical marijuana, including licensing for patients, caregivers, growers, processors, dispensaries, and researchers.

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