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How can CBD oil help me lose weight?

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Can CBD oil help with weight loss? And how does CBD work? These two questions are being asked by countless Americans who would like to shed some pounds and enjoy optimal health. The short answer is, YES, for many of those seeking to lose weight, CBD oil can prove to be a valuable ally. 

CBD promotes wellness by bringing bodily systems such as digestion, hunger, metabolism, circulation, energy levels, sleep, and mood back into a state of balance. This state, known as homeostasis, results in greater energy, fewer cravings, better digestion, proper sleep, improved moods, and greater willpower.

How does CBD achieve all of this? It seems too good to be true. However, in this post, we’ll take a look at the factors that contribute to weight gain and thwart our ability to maintain optimal weight. We will also look at how CBD can play a vital role in returning to wellness. 

What keeps us from losing weight?

Losing weight takes time and energy, willpower and commitment. What would life be like if we had enough time, energy, willpower, and commitment to actually achieve optimum fitness? 

If we think about it, willpower and commitment are not rare commodities. They are free for the taking if we actually choose to exercise them. The choice to commit to optimal health itself can result in a cascade of effects that tip the scales in our favor and put us on a path to wellness.

Eating healthier food or getting in more physical activity time can help us think clearer, put us in a better mood and make us less anxious and stressed out. It can give us more energy, reduce our sick time, make us more attractive, make us feel better about ourselves in general. 

All of these results make us surer that we’ve made the right decision. And that surety, in turn, causes us to ratchet the healthy lifestyle up a level. And so on it goes. 

So, here’s the question: If we know the sublime outcomes of actions that are clearly doable — for example eating better and getting more exercise — why are we not choosing to take those actions? 

Unfortunately, the answer is, “it’s complicated.” But complicated is not nearly the same thing as impossible, or even difficult. Optimum health and happiness might even pivot on something simple. If you could just identify and pinpoint that one thing that can tip the scales toward wellness…

Introducing “homeostasis,” the pivot point to wellness

What if humans actually do have a bodily system that, once brought into balance, can swing our lives in the direction of health and happiness and help us achieve our optimal weight? You might be delighted to know that there is such a system. 

Wellness is the result of a bodily state called homeostasis. Homeostasis is the tendency of a living organism to achieve a stable equilibrium in all of the body’s systems.

The root of homeostasis comes from the Greek words for “equal” and “stability.” When all of the body’s physical systems are in good working order, it is said to be in a state of homeostasis. 

When our bodily systems are out of balance this can cause a cascade of physical and mental symptoms. It might cause someone to be hungry when they’re not in need of nourishment. It might result in lethargy due to a lack of energy. Or it can throw off metabolism, or circulation, or immune response. 

Successfully dealing with all of these issues individually at the same time is nearer to impossible than it is difficult. If your body is not in a state of homeostasis your health will inevitably swing back in the wrong direction. 

You can take a pill to reduce your appetite, but when you stop taking the pill the hunger pangs come back. You can take a pill to give you energy or focus, but if you stop taking the pills those states are again lost. You can take a pill to improve your mood, but, again, if your body is not in a state of homeostasis, the bad moods will return.

Now the question becomes, what mechanism is responsible for putting the body into a state of homeostasis and keeping it that way? 

Somehow, as a system, the human body must be able to check the state of health and activity of nearly every single cell. And it must be able to relay instructions to each cell to direct its behavior. 

The brain simply can’t connect to every single cell in the human body. So how does it achieve this feat of communicating and directing the activity of the billions of cells that make up our body?

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