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Guide to Responsible Cannabis Consumption

This content was written for Colorado-based Silverpeak Cannabis, a grower of premium cannabis. The original content can be found here: Guide to Responsible Cannabis Consumption

Responsible Cannabis: a guide to consumption ensuring health & safety for all

Silverpeak Responsible Cannabis Consumption Brochure.

At Silverpeak, we want our customers to have a safe and pleasant experience with Cannabis. This goal can be achieved when our customers understand how to:

• Buy Responsibly • Consume Responsibly • Behave Responsibly • Possess Responsibly

Cannabis products are for adults over the age of 21, not for minors

4 Rules of Responsible Cannabis Consumption


• Buy from a licensed retailer.

• Know the milligrams of each serving size for individual form and product.

• Buy only what you need.


• Adhere to the “Six Steps to Consuming Responsibly” on the following pages. Keep a journal to track serving sizes, amount consumed, timing, and effects.


• After consuming, don’t drive vehicles, operate equipment, or engage in any activity that may endanger yourself or others.

• Don’t carry an “open container” in your vehicle or in public.

• Mixing alcohol, or other drugs with Cannabis will compound its effects and is potentially dangerous.


• Keep products in a secure and safe place at all times and away from minors. If in a hotel, keep these products in your room safe.

• It is illegal to take these products out of state. You don’t want to come to Aspen on vacation and arrive home on probation.

• Don’t possess more than you are legally allowed to possess.

• Dispose of unused product responsibly before leaving the state. There is an amnesty box located at the Aspen / Pitkin Airport to dispose of unused cannabis products.

Six Steps to Consuming Responsibly


Find a private setting. It is against Colorado law to consume Cannabis in any public place (e.g. bars, restaurants, sidewalks, parks, hallways, public transportation, etc.) and against federal law to consume on federal land or facilities on federal land. If staying at a hotel or rental property, check with the management regarding their cannabis policies. Be well hydrated, well-rested, and well-nourished.

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