• Pace LaVia

Finding Inner Peace

A seeker of truth went through great trouble to locate a world-famous guru living without luxuries in a simple cabin on a mountain top far away from modern society.

When the seeker arrived, the guru invited the man inside to sit down and asked, "What is it you seek, sir?"

The man said, "There are so many different spiritual teachings today, and politicians have so many wildly differing views on truth, I just don't know who to believe any more. I don't know what to do. I feel lost. I need to find inner peace again."

The guru said, I will help you find your inner peace, but first you have to help me find something. The man followed the guru outside his dwelling where he began searching around on the ground for something. The man asked him what he was looking for.

The guru said, "I'm looking for my glasses."

The man asked, "Where were you when you had them last?"

The master said, "I was in my cabin."

The man replied, "If you lost your glasses in the cabin why are you looking for them outside?"

The master said, "Well, it's dark in the cabin."

The man, said, "Well, if what you lost is inside, you're not going to find it out here!"

The master smiled and patted the man on his back and said, "Where was the last place you saw inner peace?" And he sent the man on his way.

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