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Does CBD oil really do anything?

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Does CBD oil really do anything? CBD’s popularity has been exploding all across the US. And along with the rise in interest, mass media has produced a deluge of information about CBD. Unfortunately, not all of that information is accurate. But the scientific evidence for CBD’s efficacy at treating a number of medical conditions has been mounting.

You’ll find articles at both ends of the spectrum. Some will tell you that CBD oil is a cureall, while others will tell you that CBD oil is just a fad and advise you not to waste your money.

Many academics have been adopting a purely scientific point of view. They take the stance that there is not enough evidence to support the notion that CBD is both effective and safe to consume.

At the other end of the spectrum are cannabis zealots who will point to real-world case studies. They’ll point to particular cases in which an individual has seen miraculous improvements in their medical condition after using CBD oil.

And the ailments these folks claim are successfully being treated with CBD run the gamut from fairly benign conditions such as greying hair and itchy skin, to serious, life-threatening conditions including cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, liver and kidney disease, heart disease, and much more.

The conflicting news reports leave a lot of people scratching their heads and wondering if CBD really does anything at all.

Why is there so much conflicting advice and information about CBD? The answer is because the stakes and values of the various players in the game are also quite diverse.

A marketer that is trying to sell CBD might spin the information in favor of CBD possessing medicinal benefits. An organization that is morally against the use of cannabis altogether might cite reputable data debunking the health benefits of cannabis.

What do research studies suggest about CBD’s efficacy and safety?

There are two kinds of evidence to consider when determining if CBD actually does anything. There is scientific evidence. And there is anecdotal evidence which just means claims made by those who have used CBD oil or treated a patient using CBD oil.

Granted, there are highly credible individuals presenting compelling stories about CBD’s health benefits. However, anecdotal evidence can sometimes be sketchy and doesn’t hold up well in a medical debate.

Although there’s value in anecdotal evidence, let’s put that aside and take a look at a handful of CBD research reports in order to get a sense of whether or not the researchers involved in these studies believe that CBD oil actually does something.

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